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“i4p is an innovator in the field of IT security solutions and its main activity is the development of applied cryptography solutions that protect cryptographic keys and secrets. i4p develops highly secure hardware and software solutions, as well as related services capable of disrupting the IT security market. Its mission is to provide a technological background to new regulations on data security and data protection and to develop and launch distributed cryptographic processes and distributed platforms based on them. i4p is the vendor of the Common Criteria EAL4+ certified TRIDENT hardware security module (HSM), that is uniquely certified against 2 eIDAS protection profiles, namely for Crypto Module (CM: EN 419221-5) and Signature Activation Module (SAM: EN 419241-2). i4p is also the first company to offer a physical HSM with multi-party cryptography (MPC) capability that provides for both unique new use case related to for example eHealth and Privacy as well as an unparalleled level of data protection. The company’s founders and experts possess a uniquely high level of professional expertise including in applied cryptography, product and service development, product certification and project management.”


November 17th Presentations


13:45 - 14:15

Cryptography in a Mature

by Adorján Harmse

“i4p’s TRIDENT RSS is the first eIDAS listed Remote Signature Solution with the Signature Activation Module (SAM) coming from the same vendor as the underlying Crypto Module (CM). For organizations who want to offer their clients, employees, partners and users convenient Remote Signature services without compromising on their security, this is the leanest solution with the lowest cost of acquisition and ownership. For Trust Service Providers and other organisations planning to offer Qualified Remote Signing services, the only one-vendor solution that is both Common Criteria certified and eIDAS listed is indeed the TRIDENT RSS.”

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